Team Development

Bruce Tuckman describes team development going through four sequential stages which are outline below. I think it is a good process for teams to keep in mind as they are shaped and formed into a defined group which is functioning at its highest level.


forming: coming together as a group and still defining guidance and direction.  Ideas and values are still broad and sometimes roles and responsibilities are unclear.  Relationally people are optimistic, friendly, and gracious with one another (sometimes thought of as the honeymoon phase…

storming: roles are becoming a little more clear, finding a little direction, a little identity, but there is still some uncertainty.  Some personalities might clash and maybe experience unmet expectations, but the goal is to keep focus as a team.

norming: going through the storming isn’t a bad thing but a good thing to help a team become more established.  We are going to learn more about each other through this and really we are just scratching the surface with what God wants to do in us and through us

performing: when a team becomes more effective as a team.  Knows their strengths and weaknesses and begins to move toward complementing one another instead of competing against one another.

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