Who Is God?

Genesis 1 is often times one of those areas of scripture that is often debated. Is it an old creation or young? Did it evolve or created out of nothing? Was it created to appear older? Are dinosaurs accounted for? Is it accurate with science? Was it a muddy blob that God steps into and forms? Were unicorns involved? The questions are endless.

However, there are a couple of things we know from Genesis 1 despite all the questions. There was a creator, who created, and thus we have creation. Many of the questions will be debated and many will not be answered, but these three details are significant.

* First, knowing there was a creator who is infinite, who existed outside of time, and that he spoke things into existence “Let there be light” tells us he is a powerful creator.

* Second, knowing that this creator, created supports that he is powerful because it was empty and created out of nothing. It also tells us that He is personable, more than just a power source that is unknowable, but there are attributes about this god that sets him apart from other gods.

* Third, seeing evidence of creation we see design, detail, creativity, order, and complexity, gives us more insight into who this unknown god is.

Those questions will be debated for years and possibly never known, but from Genesis 1 there are some things that we can know.

We know there is a god, we know that he knowable, we know that he is a god of order, and from Genesis 1 we know that this god is a benevolent, loving god who is hovering over all of creation as he entrusts it to humanity to rule over and care for. He has given life, he has provided nourishment, a sustainable habitat, beauty of creation, he has blessed it, said that it was good, and set apart humanity to enjoy it.

Who is this God?

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