Quick Fix

As we step out to start a new church, a new expression of spiritual truth. I am surprised how easy I run to quick fixes. Quick fixes in my marriage, parenting, friendships, my job, conversations…I function through life with little band aids that make you feel better in the moment but really hurt when you pull them off and leave your skin all pale and squishy.

I have found it exhausting. Why do we run to quick fixes? Why does it feel so awkward in the moment and everything in us just wants to move past those moments as fast as possible with quick fixes.

The spiritual teachings in Jeremiah 2 remind us of a people who ran after quick fixes and replaced their God with broken cisterns that are unable to hold water. Isn’t that a powerful description? A jar that from all appearances seems like a functional jar and when we fill it up with water we find that it has a slow leak. There is likely enough water that it doesn’t empty out immediately, but over time it just leaves a trail of water, ultimately making the jar useless.

My quick fixes kind of feel like those broken jars and the teachings of Christ remind that He said, “Come to me, all who are thirsty,…and whoever drinks of Him will never thirst again.”

Isn’t that a powerful image to see Jesus filling our broken jars? I don’t know if I completely understand how that happens, but I know that He is calling me to come to Him instead of my quick fixes.

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