God’s provision…

The scriptures tell us that when we meet Jesus, when we trust in Him, when we respond to Him we will find God’s provision. I know it will be difficult because most of us want to avoid the pain and when it comes to our first response it can be to turn inward to how we are going to resolve it, how we are going to fix it, how we are going to manage it; and we put complete responsibility on ourselves. When we do that we are tapping into a provision that is limited, because when we put the responsibility on ourselves we create a mindset, a lifestyle, and an emotional capacity that exists within our limits. The benefits of living a life within our limits is that it feels safe, but it is a safety that is limited.

For us to experience God’s provision then we have to stop putting the responsibility on our shoulders and run to Jesus as fast as we can through prayer, through scripture, through meditation, and it is in those moments that we will experience His provision. It will be difficult because it will be outside of our limits, but they are completely within His limits because He is a God of provision.

I know for me personally I am a bit of an aggressive driver and when you are an aggressive driver you tend to hit every hole no matter how small or how big because you are moving too fast to avoid the hits. After time it will bump your car out of alignment, wear down your tires unevenly, and cost you a lot of time and money if those things go neglected

Sometimes life can feel a little bit like that. Sometimes we are moving so fast from work to home, from kid to kid, from hang out to hang out that we take some hits along the way, some of those hits we wish we could do over, some of them we neglect and over time can cause us a lot of time, money, and pain and instead of taking that responsibility completely on our shoulders we can run to Jesus who knows our pain, has a plan, we don’t always see it, we don’t always understand it, but when we call upon Him He will listen and when we seek Him we will find Him.

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