Honestly I am not a big fan of marketing. It feels a little pretentious, but this week we are making our first attempt at putting door hangers out. Different people have different opinions. Some will say avoid marketing because it will come across corporate and it is simply targeting “churched” people and if our goal is to see church be something different it won’t be effective. Others I have talked to encouraged me to spend 25-30K in marketing and if we didn’t we were wasting our time. Well, sense we don’t have 25K-30K set aside for anything, much less marketing, we knew we couldn’t go that route.

In the end we decided to do a little marketing. Most of our focus has been through relationships and word of mouth, but we also wanted to create some type of awareness for people to at least know we are out there. In the end we don’t expect a tremendous amount of people to respond to a door hanger, but we do want to begin to create an awareness and maybe just a little marketing will help move us in that direction.

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