Spiritual Entitlement Part 2

When our hearts begin to drift off toward spiritual entitlement we need to be on guard. Below are a few biblical principles against spiritual entitlement.

All of humanity was created to be attached to Jesus

Simple right. We desperately need Jesus. We find ourselves living in a culture that gives the appearance of self-sufficiency and if we want food we go to the grocery store, if we want water we turn on the faucet, if we want something new we order it online and it shows up at our door. It becomes difficult to see why we would need Jesus. We conclude we are basically good people who will occasionally need a little help and Jesus is there to give us a hand. However, the scriptures describe it a little differently.

Hebrews1:3, “The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word.”

We need Him. Some will say we need Jesus so that we can go to heaven one day and I disagree. We need Him today. We need Him to breathe, to function, to exist because by His word He is holding all of creation together. Planets and atoms stay in perfect order by His “powerful word”. Protons, neutrons, electrons don’t need batteries because they are all sustained by Jesus. It isn’t with duct tape or by chance but His voice is sufficient and we can do nothing without Him.

But I get by just fine without Him. Just because we don’t acknowledge Jesus doesn’t negate everything being sustained by Him and we have deceived ourselves as though we have some partnership in creation, as though we are on equal footing, and ultimately we need to know we only exist because Jesus brought us into existence and created to be attached to Him.

When we have a better understanding of the position that Jesus holds we will be more likely to be on guard against spiritual entitlement.

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