Spiritual Entitlement Part 3

Sin disrupts that attachment.

The scriptures tell us that Jesus who created and sustains all of creation is perfect and Holy and that His holiness demands that we be perfect to dwell in His presence. The scriptures tell us what keeps us from dwelling in the presence of Jesus is described as sin. Most of us think of sin as an external behavior that doesn’t line up with the Holiness of God, however, Jesus shows us in the Luke 15 parable it is more than merely our external behavior. This is what tripped up the older brother.

Genesis 2:17 is where we see our relationship with God disrupted. He tells Adam and Eve, the first of creation, that all of this is for you to enjoy, however, if you eat from this tree you shall surely die. That word “die” in the original language is an emphatic die, die, and it results in a physical and spiritual death. When they reject God’s authority a separation from God occurs and it is a physical and spiritual separation and it is at the point that all of humanity is separated from God all have fallen short of His glory.

God isn’t rejecting us, but we are rejecting Him and as a result we have committed an eternal offense against an eternal God. It is as if all of humanity was tethered to God in an intimate relationship and that eternal offense came in with giant scissors and cut the cord and humanity is out in a spiritual abyss spinning in space.

At this point it might be easy to think, “That is really depressing, but I really don’t think it is that bad.” I am not trying to be a Debbie Downer here but to shatter your thinking that we are pretty much okay, because in Luke 15, the same chapter Jesus is telling this story and Jesus says, “God knows our hearts, and that which is highly esteemed among men is detestable in the sight of God.” We were created by God to be attached to Him and sin disrupts that attachment.

When we better understand the spiritual condition of our hearts we will be more likely to be on guard against spiritual entitlement.

1 thought on “Spiritual Entitlement Part 3

  1. Nitin

    Austin is vastly oeaerrtvd for my taste. Traffic is terrible, for starters. It’s a company town: college and state government that’s grown out to include a few other industries. It tends to be a pretentious city – sort of an urban college sophomore. I’ve spent far more time there than I want and will be there Sunday next through Friday for work. Which may explain my crankiness.


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