“But I don’t have time for Jesus…”

I think the biggest hurdle to this is our perception of time. We think, “I would read the Bible, pray, memorize Scripture, meditate…but I don’t have time.” I know this could come across as guilt so I want to be careful but to be honest the less time we spend with Jesus the busier we will feel and the more time we spend with Jesus the less busy we will feel.

Here is why: As we fall in love with Jesus God will inform us of what we need to be doing, He will give us wisdom so we know what to do, and He will give us peace so that we are not dominated by anxiety. Scripture tells us when we neglect this relationship we will be like a man trying to chop down a tree with a dull axe. Not happening. Scripture doesn’t teach us this to make us feel guilty, but to help us and empower us and I guarantee it will make a difference. When we take time to connect with Jesus and fall in love with Him you will see it in your life, your marriage, your children, and your work. It doesn’t mean everything will get better, but it means you will tap into supernatural activity.

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