God as Creator

All of humanity and earth have been created by God and we were created to be connected to Him. He created us with beauty, distinction, and value and worth, and Scripture says that we were created in His image. Our culture continues to tells us the complexities of human life spontaneously occurred out of chaos and happened to result in highly designed and creative life forms.

However, Scripture teaches that all of creation was created for His glory and humanity is not only a part of creation, but we are created in His image in Genesis 1. We were not only created in the image of God, we were made to be like Him. Therefore, the more we understand who God is the more we understand who we are. When we are asking, “Who is God?” We are asking, “Who are we?”

For example, we can look at Scripture and see that our God is a creator and we also are creators. We enjoy creativity, and we enjoy music, art, design and detail. We mow the yard and take a step back, “This looks good.” Not only in art and beauty, but also in organization and some of us can walk into to a room of chaos and within minutes create order. We get that from our heavenly Father, being made in His image, and we are creators.

Unfortunately, we don’t see what God intended. Scripture teaches us sin has entered into creation and disrupted and tainted everything God created to be good and left us with a distorted and broken view of His creation. We are left in a state of disruption where we are begging for completion and transformation. It is why as people we always look for more, never satisfied, unsettled and it is because God didn’t create it to be like this and we are waiting for His creation to be completed.

You need to know God is not going to leave it this way. He is continuing to create and His going to bring about new creation and Scripture teaches that transformation comes through faith in the life, death, and resurrection Jesus Christ, and Colossians teaches us that through faith in Jesus Christ we are being transformed into the image of God, the image God intended from the very beginning.

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