God as Father

Think about what comes to mind when you think of God as Father. There are words like caring, personal, providing, comforter, and we can approach Him with anything and it doesn’t change our relationship. Maybe some of us have a negative connotation when we think of God as Father. We think of our earthly father and we remember when he let us down, didn’t come to an event, maybe too hard on us, or intimidating, and there are so many emotions that come with the description of God as Father.

For some of us this morning we have the opportunity to be a father and as a father of two children I know no matter how hard I try to not let my children down they are going to grow up telling their friends stories about how I missed a game or a recital and how I was never there for them. I know I am going to drop the ball, going to hurt them, going to let them down, but my hope is that I can point them to one who will never let them down.

No matter what connotation comes to mind, positive or negative, when Scripture introduces the description of “God as Father” it is better than anything we could ever imagine. God is Father in every sense of the word and He fulfills all the things our father never was and He fulfills all the things we will never be. He is loving, firm, compassionate, dependable, understanding, protector, respectable, and He isn’t absent, abusive, or distant, or disappointed, but actively involved in the lives of His children.

His relationship to us as Father isn’t because we are good little boys and girls, isn’t because we always do the right thing, isn’t because we are His favorite, but because of our faith in Jesus Christ’s work on the cross. When we place our faith in Jesus’ work on the cross it is Jesus’ work that removes the barrier of sin, shame, guilt and disappointment. There is no longer wrath, no longer condemnation, no longer this feeling that you could always do better or try harder and it is because of the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Jesus takes our sin, we receive His righteousness and through faith we know God as Father.

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