Allandale Food Drive

On Saturday we did a food drive for a local neighborhood.  It was awesome!  It was our 2nd year to host the food drive.  Last year we saw almost 700lbs come in and this year we saw just over 1100lbs of food come in to donate to the Capital Area Food Bank.  That is total food weight minus packaging materials.  Isn’t that awesome?

On Sunday we looked at a passage in 1 Peter 4 as it called us to share in the sufferings of Christ.  It isn’t that participating in the sufferings of Christ makes up what is lacking in Christ’s death on the cross because Jesus fully takes the penalty of our sin at the cross.  It is that through faith in Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection we get to participate in the reconciliation of humanity, and last weekend we got to experience a part of that reconciliation.

The food drive primarily focuses on one neighborhood.  Can you imagine the impact as we begin to open the food drive up to neighborhoods all over North Central Austin!

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