God is so generous

God has been so gracious to our country that we don’t really know what it is like to be hungry.  If we wait for our meal for more than 15 minutes we start looking around to complain about the waiter taking so long.  However, there are some parts of our world where people go hungry every day.

I remember growing up as a kid and having nights where we were really hungry.  We would eat cheese and mayo sandwiches, we wouId add pickle juice to our water for flavor, and I remember going over to my friends house and seeing so many boxes of cereal and thinking, “When you get rich you get to buy a lot of boxes of cereal.”

However, even in the midst of the hunger God was so generous.  Today we might not be hungry for food, but some of us might be hungry for financial stability, relationships, or even healing from a past pain, and we need to remember God is so generous.  We have exactly what we need.  Even in our hunger, our brokenness, our weaknesses we have exactly what we need because God knows what we need and we the things we don’t have are because God knows we don’t need them.

Sometimes we are so quick to look at what we don’t have and assume God is trying to hold out on us.  We wonder, “Why doesn’t God give me more, something else, something better” and we forget He knows what we need.  We have what we have because God knows what we need and we don’t have what we don’t have because knows we don’t need it.

This means the parents we have, the education, the social skills, the body shape, the personality, the position, the friendships , and we have exactly what we have because God knew what we need.  The deficiencies we might have in life financially, socially, or academically isn’t because God is trying to punish us but to draw us closer to Him.  We forget how generous God is and we think He is withholding, but really He is just drawing us closer to Him so we see how great He is.  God is generous.

Sometimes we can watch the news and we forget we have a generous God.  We hear about our unstable economy, recession, China is going to take us over and it creates this level of fear that can cripple His generosity.  What if instead of feeling crippled by fear we could take this season to ask God to increase our generosity?  Not because we are trying to be generous people and be better people, but because God is generous.  He has given us everything we need.  What if we were more generous because we have a generous God?

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