Discouraged By Sin?

Sin can be discouraging sometimes because it reminds us of our imperfections.  We will say things to ourselves like, “Why do you keep showing up in my life!”  We might respond by thinking we need to “try harder” or we might go in the opposite direction and tell ourselves we need to just “give up.”  Don’t you just feel like giving up sometimes?

Sin is discouraging, and really apart from the Gospel it is devastating, however, through faith in Jesus’ work on the cross there is a joy that is often overlooked.  Consider how the Father, the Son, and the Spirit are involved in in the sin that we see in our lives and hopefully you might see a glimpse of the joy that is poured out on us through the Gospel.

Work of the Father:  Scripture teaches us the Father is powerful and majestic, but also intimately involved in our lives so that when we see sin in our lives it isn’t to discourage us, give us something to do to try to clean ourselves up to be better people, or be indifferent because we don’t care anymore, but He has gone before us to reveal to us our so that it might weaken our faith in ourselves and strengthen our faith in Him.  It means in every circumstance we experience in this life it is to draw us to Him.  It is to remind us that we can’t do it on our own and that we must trust in Him.

Work of the Son:  Scripture teaches us Jesus has gone before us to remove the penalty and power of the sin that we are seeing.  That means when we see these walls we don’t have to hide, make excuses, defend ourselves, or run because when Jesus dies on the cross the shame and guilt of this sin has been completely taken out on Him at the cross.

Work of the Spirit:  The Holy Spirit often gets neglected because we are never sure what to say, but the Holy Spirit is involved also because He has gone before us to reveal this sin.  It is the work of the Spirit softening your heart to sin.  It is the Spirit bringing conviction.  It is the work of the Spirit enabling you to trust in Jesus.  In Scripture He is described as Counselor and Comforter who is tending to our hearts as we fall to our knees and trust in Him so that you can turn from sin, repent, and experience the forgiveness that you have been given in Jesus’ work on the cross.

Imagine if our sin wasn’t a reminder that we should be better people, but it was a reminder that we desperately need Jesus so that we fall into His arms and depend on Him.