Chic-Fil-A: Good Intentions

In our culture today there is a political debate on the sanctity of marriage, and on a deeper level there is a humanitarian debate on the acceptance of people.  When the common Christ-follower hears about these debates in the news or mainstream media it is overwhelming for them.  They are confident in their position on marriage taking place between one man and one woman, but they also don’t know how to express their views without coming across hateful.  They are conflicted.  They want to show their support of what they see in Scripture, but they don’t know where to start, what it would look like, and how it should be expressed.

For some, their social networks are likely people with similar views, so when they come in contact with one another they simply say, “What is this world coming to!” For others, they might consider posting their views on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, but how could one possibly capture such a complicated subject in 40 characters or less.  They feel stuck.

However, when a highly public business owner is quoted for having similar views as theirs, and is publically bashed for his positions, then the common Christ-follower has an immediate outlet.  It is perfect!  It provides a means for them to show tangible support for what they see in Scripture, while at the same time taking very little risk.  They not only get to make their stand for the sanctity of marriage, but they also get a pretty good chicken sandwich.

Fortunately, when we look at the life of Jesus we see some helpful reminders:

Our Need for Jesus:  When we feel overwhelmed by the politics, media, positions, and debates of our day it is a reminder of our personal need for Jesus.  We can’t fix the world.  We can’t eat enough chicken sandwiches.  We can’t boycott / support enough businesses.  We can’t do it, and we need to confess those feelings of inadequacy to Jesus.  He knows we can’t do it, and it is a reminder to turn our hearts and minds to trust in Him.

Our Involvement:  It is in moments like this that it reveals how painfully uninvolved we are from the rest of the world.  Not only do we have a deep need for Jesus, but there is a world filled with people with a deep need for Jesus.  Jesus didn’t broadcast His message through smoke signals.  He, who eternally dwelled in the heavens, set it aside, so that He might step into the chaos of our world.  He didn’t boycott from a distance.  He got involved, and He is inviting us to get involved in the lives of other people as well.

Our Need for Jesus (Again):  As we get involved we are not only going to be confronted with the chaos of our world, but we are going to be confronted with the chaos of others, and it is going to be really messy.  It is going to be complicated.  It is going to be risky.  It is going to be sacrificial.  It is going to be hard, and again it will bring us to our knees for our great, great need for Jesus.  Perhaps this is a good reminder to turn to Jesus and confess how easily our hearts turn toward self-righteousness, selfishness, and fear and, yet again, ask Him to turn our hearts and minds to trust in Him.