Financial Prayer Guide

On Sunday we shared our new budget with North Village Church.  In our last three years as a church God has been so faithful to North Village Church.  We have met our budget every year and after our first year we have been financially sustainable.  This is rare to see from a new church.

It is partly because we have tried to keep our budget as stream lined as much as possible and mostly because God has gone before us and moved in the hearts of His people to invest in what He is doing.  Below is a recap of our budget over the last 3 years and a prayer guide is attached that we hand out to everyone at North Village to prayerfully consider how they would invest:

Year 1:  $150,000 (It was as cheap as we could get the budget)

Year 2:  $170,000 (We made a few adjustments, but this was our first year to not rely on outside support.)

Year 3:   $206,000 (We made a big jump that year to invest in insurance for staff and giving toward global missions and church planting.)

Year 4:  $255,000 (Another big jump.  Primarily because we doubled our giving toward missions and church planting, and we also added offices for the staff.

Feel free to look through the prayer guide.  It includes an outline of our budget and brief devotionals to lead our people through a prayerful commitment to make an anonymous pledge at the end of September.

Financial Prayer Guide Year 4