We can go to a football game and get dressed up in our favorite jersey, stand on our feet for 3 hours, paint our face, chant songs, and have a shared experience with 1000’s of people because we see the value.  We will go to concerts to stand, sing along, and hold up our lighters because we see the value.

Therefore, we need to ask ourselves, “If I am having trouble worshipping God then maybe it is because I don’t see the value of God.”

Think of it this way.  If your grandmother dies and leaves you her jewelry box you might get excited at first, but then you would remember, “Granny doesn’t have any jewelry that is valuable.”  It is all costume jewelry.  But, then one day a friend says, “What are you wearing.  It is awfully unusual.  You should get it appraised.”

Imagine if while you are at the appraisal you hear the phrase, “This thing is worth millions.”  You would be really excited.  Your first response would be mental awareness.  It has caught fire in your mind that you are holding some extremely valuable.  Your second response would be emotion.  You would be emotionally moved by the value of this jewelry that you once thought was worthless.  Your third response would be physical.  You would live differently, behave differently, and before you use to throw it in a box carelessly, but now you handle it with great care.

This is a small snapshot of when happens when you eyes, heart, and mind are opened to the objective truth of God.

It changes your mind and how you think about life.  It changes your emotions and your affections.  It changes you physically and how you live so that a fire is caught and you at some point in your life and really throughout your life you are having moments where you say, “I didn’t know.  I have never seen Him like this!  I didn’t understand.  Are you kidding me!   He did what?  For me?  How could He?”

It isn’t just an emotional experience you have on a Sunday morning where you leave and say, “That music was awesome, that teaching was awesome, those people were awesome.”  It is an objective response where Scripture is being exalted in such a way that we see God and it moves us to respond in a worship so that it changes how we live.