New Sunday Location: Norris Conference Center

NorrisAlthough negotiations went late into the night we were able to secure Norris Conference Center as our Sunday location between now and December 22, 2013.  Here are some details:


  • $700 a week (We started at $1,200 a week)
  • Price includes 5 rooms, coffee, water, projector, screen, chairs, and needed tables.

This new location has a few drawbacks, but overall we believe it will provide the following benefits:

  • Less items to set up and break down
  • More efficient drop-off and pick-up for our children
  • More consistent and reliable
  • One primary entrance and exit for new people
  • More exposure to people in the community

While we will miss the “community and personal” feel that is provided by Lucy Read, we are hopeful that we will be able to capture a few of those components through our personal relationships and interactions with one another on Sunday.

Thank you for being so flexible over the summer.  We are thankful for God’s grace to spend so many years in Lucy Read, but we are excited about this next step for our church family.  Lets all take this as an opportunity for Jesus to give us a fresh perspective on Sunday morning, our lives and our community.

With you and for you!

Norris Conference Center
2525 W. Anderson Lane – Suite 365
Austin, Texas 78757