Three People In Church

On any given Sunday there are three types of people who show up on a Sunday morning:

  • Legal Larry:  Legal Larry is self-righteous.  He tends to look down on other people, quick to judge, and thinks too highly of himself.
  • Loose Louis:  Loose Louis errs on grace.  He doesn’t really worry too much about holiness, obedience, or Scripture as long as people love each other and get along.
  • Lost Lenny:  Lost Lenny isn’t sure what to think about the whole experience.  He is skeptical, guarded, and cynical from the moment he walks in the door.

Now in the worse case scenario these three people are pitted against one another, and quickly leave to find people who are more like them.  However, in the local church it can be beautiful when they see each other through the lens of the gospel.

Legal Larry is challenged to see that His righteousness doesn’t come through work, but is freely given by faith.  Loose Louis is challenged to see that sin leads to death.  He has become a new creation in Christ, therefore, He can walk by faith that the life he now lives is no longer him, but Christ.  Lost Lenny is challenged because he sees real people wrestling with real problems and pointing their lives to their great need for Jesus.

This is our goal on Sunday morning, groups, and even in 1-1 relationships.