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That Thing In The Park

Every year a community organization in central Austin, Violet Crown Community Works, hosts a community festival. This year they asked our church to help out and we got to paint little kids faces. No one really kept track but it was estimated 250-300 little faces! It was a great way for us to serve the community and get to know the people.

Lucy Read Pre K

Dropped off the paper work today for the school. It isn’t 100% done but it is moving us in the right direction. Our hope is to solidify some dates in the summer for us to provide “previews” and work our way toward a weekly gathering in September.

The school has some limitations as a location but overall we are excited about the opportunity. It is the only Pre K school in AISD and primarily serves low income families.

That Thing In The Park

On May 2nd Violet Crown is going to host a festival in central Austin called “That Thing In The Park.” We came in contact with the organization through the Austin Dog Fair that we hosted a couple of weeks ago. They were so excited about the event they asked us to host a family activity at the festival.

As a team we tossed around some ideas and settled on face painting. Somehow one of the guys on the team already had 4-6 kits for face painting. Although this did bring some concerns about Nathan owning face painting kits I knew it was something that would be a lot of fun.

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