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Lucy Read School Supplies

Lucy Read is the only pre-K school in AISD and offers public education to low income families in north central Austin. Unfortunately, Lucy Read doesn’t receive additional funding from Title I (the largest federally funded education program) and greatly appreciates any donation.

Our goal is to have a school supply drive for the month of September. You can make donations by dropping them off at Lucy Read on Sunday mornings at 10am or you can click here to make a financial donation to Lucy Read for school supplies or otherwise.

Come on! What else are you going to do with that $5.00. Buy coffee at Starbucks! It will be gone in 10 minutes and this will be a small step to help little children get a better education! LR Children

Volleyball @ Brentwood Park

We got to get together with some people to play volleyball at Brentwood Park and it was a lot of fun. I have noticed as we move forward to see a church and a people that are living on mission that it is easy to get so focused on the mission that we forget about relationships and connecting with each other. I was encouraged to see that even though we didn’t have hangouts every week sense we started meeting together, our group was surprisingly excited to hang out with each other. Which led me to a few observations:

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That Thing In The Park

Every year a community organization in central Austin, Violet Crown Community Works, hosts a community festival. This year they asked our church to help out and we got to paint little kids faces. No one really kept track but it was estimated 250-300 little faces! It was a great way for us to serve the community and get to know the people.

That Thing In The Park

On May 2nd Violet Crown is going to host a festival in central Austin called “That Thing In The Park.” We came in contact with the organization through the Austin Dog Fair that we hosted a couple of weeks ago. They were so excited about the event they asked us to host a family activity at the festival.

As a team we tossed around some ideas and settled on face painting. Somehow one of the guys on the team already had 4-6 kits for face painting. Although this did bring some concerns about Nathan owning face painting kits I knew it was something that would be a lot of fun.

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Austin Dog Fair

Yesterday we got to host a dog fair in central Austin and it was great! We had about 12 local pets shops, vets, and trainers come out to answer questions and serve the community. There were over 500 people that attended the fair between 2-5 on a Sunday afternoon and it was great! We heard positive responses from the local shops, people attending, and we had a blast being able to serve the community. This is something we will have to keep going! We will have more pictures coming soon at: