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Saturday Breakfast

Every Saturday morning I take the kids out for breakfast. It is a lot of fun and something we all look forward to every Saturday. It also gives Holly a chance to relax a little and have some time without the kids. We typically go to McDonalds, but this morning I am feeling adventurous and I have it narrowed down to two choices.

Round Rock Donuts or Mrs. Johnson’s Bakery

See where the clouds lead us!

Roller Skating

Last Saturday I took the kids out for the night while the wifey got some rest and a little time to herself. Time alone is good. Holly always feels like she is missing out and doesn’t want to do it at the beginning, but afterwards when I get home with the kids she is always really thankful.

This night I took Kennedy roller skating. It was a little expensive at $7 a head on a Saturday night, but I am kind of a high roller in the family so we got to go roller skating. The rink was awesome. It was a little dirty and retro all rolled into one.

Kennedy was a little scared at first. She is 5 years old and this was her first time to roller skate, but after a few “Bambi” moments and fall downs she was good to go. I knew she got the hang of it when she looked up at me and said, “Daddy, I am roller skating!” Which meant she was basically walking with roller skates on, but either way it was a lot of fun.

I highly recommend roller skating. With or without kids. On Tuesday nights it is adults only, which could be fun without the kids. It was kind of creepy to look across the room and see little teenagers with their hands all over each other and making out. Makes me sad thinking about Kennedy getting older. My plan is that she will stay 5 forever!

Life of Celebration and Suffering

The Christian life is one of celebration and one of suffering. Most of the time we split the two. We have seasons of celebration like graduating from college, getting married, having kids, getting a job and there are presents, people, parties, and it is a lot of fun.

Then we have seasons of pain and suffering like sickness, loss of job, legal problems, obstacles, and relational strife, and during those time there is an absence of celebration. We tend to want to move through the season of suffering as fast as possible so we can get back to the celebration. Who wouldn’t?

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How do husbands love their wives?

Ephesians 5 teaches husbands to love their wives and often times we see this in Scripture and we can get easily discouraged because husbands get distracted by work, friends, hobbies, and end up doing a poor job.

We see this echoed in 1 Peter as it calls husbands to love their wives in an understanding way, however, this is going to end in frustration because husbands don’t naturally do this. We naturally treat them like a younger brother and try to wrestle with them, like a co-worker and bark orders at them, like a friend and make sarcastic comments, but we don’t naturally love them and live with them in an understanding way.

It is only when we experience someone loving us and living with us in an understanding way will we be able to share that experience with someone else. How could we possibly give to someone what we haven’t experienced. Therefore, husbands loving their wives starts with Jesus.

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We don’t like church people either…

Recently a friend tells me he was at Brentwood Park with his dog and started talking to someone about the dog fair that we did a month ago. My friend told him he was a part of the church that hosted the dog fair. The guy said, “I hate church people.” My friend said, I don’t like church people either, but I don’t believe in Jesus because of the people, but because of what He has done in me and in the lives of the people around me.

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If you should find yourself in the midst of a trial…

Here are couple of things we have been chewing on as we enter into our sixth week of a church. Most of the lessons come out of the book of James, a series that we are working through called “Work In Progress.” Some of the lessons are from practical experience:

First: Choose to persevere instead of avoid. My first response is always to avoid, however, scripture teaches us to persevere. Take it one day at a time, push through, don’t quit, and persevere.

Second: Choose wisdom over knowledge. Knowledge always leads us to avoid trials, but Jesus is sovereign, in control and allowing this trial so choose wisdom and lean into Him.

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Austin City Limits Festival


In the picture (left) my wife and I got to watch Phoenix perform live at Austin City Limits Festival and it was awesome. Phoenix was my favorite show from the weekend. We got to the show about 15 minutes early, sat down, and talked as we waited for the show to start. It was a lot of fun. When we stood up to watch the show I looked behind us and out of nowhere about 60,000 other people joined us to watch the show. It was amazing.

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God’s provision…

The scriptures tell us that when we meet Jesus, when we trust in Him, when we respond to Him we will find God’s provision. I know it will be difficult because most of us want to avoid the pain and when it comes to our first response it can be to turn inward to how we are going to resolve it, how we are going to fix it, how we are going to manage it; and we put complete responsibility on ourselves. When we do that we are tapping into a provision that is limited, because when we put the responsibility on ourselves we create a mindset, a lifestyle, and an emotional capacity that exists within our limits. The benefits of living a life within our limits is that it feels safe, but it is a safety that is limited.

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I was reading a quote by John Wesley:

“Wherever true Christianity spreads, it must cause diligence and frugality, which, in the natural course of things, must beget riches! And riches naturally beget pride…Now if there were no way to prevent this, Christianity is inconsistent with itself and cannot continue long among any people; since, wherever it generally prevails, it saps it owns foundation.”

Interesting quote to consider that wherever the gospel spreads it brings about spiritual transformation and ultimately financial prosperity. However, when the blessing of financial prosperity comes it will, in general, result in pride and ultimately lead us away from a greater devotion and dependency as a Christ-follower.